Custom Web Design in Bristol and Somerset




Custom Web Design is something that I offer at Begin the Brief as it is a crucial part of website building.


Have a look at how I can make your website made to your standards and design.

Ooo… look, an offer:

1-year FREE hosting if you refer a friend!

(that’s £180)

1. Your Brief, your style, your website.

I think the most custom thing that will ever be considered is your opinion, personal style, and creative thought process.

I will produce what you want, through talking to you and looking at your brief.

You have FULL creative power when it comes to your website.

 30% of websites are WordPress based (that’s 75,000,000 websites).

2. WordPress.

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System).

Long story short, it provides you with a platform that is accessible to those who do not know a coding language (knowing a little helps).

What’s more, it is completely customisable.

Everything from a full category of functions provided by plugins to the actual looks and feels that a theme provides.

WordPress is a wonderful and friendly place to create fantastic looking websites that operate and look the way you want them to.

Go to Divi’s website for the full description and list of abilities that this website building software has. 

A WordPress theme is:

 “a tool to change the layout and design of your website. Themes customize the appearance of your site, including the layout, typography, color, and other design elements” – WPbeginner

I use Divi, this website is Divi themed so is: 


It brings the full frontend power of good looks and functionality to life.

4. Research.

In your brief, you would have spent some time looking at your competition’s websites to get an idea of what they think is valuable and also to understand what they are doing wrong.

While my research will consist of doing the same as above, I will also look at your business and find the best way to represent it through your website. This may cover:

Colours, layout, formatting, media and functionality.

5. Photographs & other Media.

You may already have the photographs that you need to represent your business and products, and that would be great.

However, I have access to high-quality photographs and graphics that will provide context and feel to your site.

Giving the correct connotations through images, videos and graphics is a really important part of the visual website experience.


If you have something to take away from this, please let it be:

It’s your site, it’s your style and you have to be happy with its look, feel, and the experience it offers.

If you would like a Custom Website Design, please contact me and we can talk, no obligation.